• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 2129HF

Optional Awning


Compact and colorful, this versatile wagon lets you set up a striking shave ice shop just about anywhere. The Mobile Shave Ice Wagon #2129HF and Blue Awning #2144HFB is a portable setup that features a solid working base, vivid graphics, storage areas and stainless steel base and stainless counter for durability. Try this snow cone wagon at stadiums, parks and more! 20" wheels roll but are not steerable, all items sold separately.

  • Dimensions 56.5''w x 25.625''d x 31.5''h
  • Dimensions (cm) 143.51w x 65.0875d x 80.01h
  • Shipping Weight 121 lbs 

Powder-coated stainless steel
Includes spacer #2129HF Mobile Shave Ice Wagon - 57"W x 26"D x 33"H, 121 lbs

Available Options:

#2144HFB Barrel Awning - 55.25"W x 24"D x 67.5"H, 25 lbs

#2444 Red Tite Topper Barrel Awning

#2725 Tiered Bottle Rack

82 lb
Ship Freight Only