• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 1030GA
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Hawaii's Finest Shaved Ice Syrups are the best in the business. These premium concentrated flavors are customer favorites because they are delicious. They will be your favorite because these sno cone and shaved ice syrup concentrates (they can be used for both products) will save you money. Concentrates can decrease your syrup costs by as much as 80% because you can make the syrup yourself. The shipping costs are much lower, too! One gallon of concentrate makes 32 gallons of syrup.

The Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Flavor Concentrates are available in 128 oz. (gallons) bottles. One bottle when mixed with sugar will make 8 gallons of ready to use flavored syrup. Save over $2.00 a gallon with the Gold Medal professional quality concentrates for Shave Ice. Gold Medal has been the leading manufacturer of flavor concentrates since the early 30s and today this is the finest line of concentrated flavors available. To make 1 gallon, simply use 4 oz. of the concentrate, plus 5 lbs, of sugar to make a better syrup than you can buy anywhere! Sold as one gallon only.

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