• Brand: Grindmaster
  • Model: 3341
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Crathco Barrel Freezer Options


Grindmaster Crathco Single Frozen Barrel Freezer Beverage Dispenser 30 Gallon/Hour

Crathco barrel style beverage dispensers are the industry workhorse because of the wide variety of drinks they can serve. Enhanced merchandising, space conscious sizing and simple operation combine great drinks with greater profitability.

Crathco frozen beverage dispensers provide a reliable supply of frozen drinks because a separate product reservoir continually replenishes the barrel of frozen product each time a drink is dispensed. No long wait to freeze down a new bowl of product. They are ideal for serving beverage flavors such as granitas, frozen cocktails, frozen lemonade, frozen cappuccino, frozen smoothies, frozen daiquiris, and more.

Note: This unit is similar to other 3000 series units, but it connects to customer supplied remote refrigeration systems.


  • Single remote beverage freezer, works with remote condensing units up to 2 1/2 hp per freezing cylinder
  • Great for high volume locations, maximize output of a single flavor up to 30 gallons per hour
  • Patented FlavorLight illuminates the frozen product.
  • Compact...More than double the output capacity of visual freezers, and only 13" (33 cm)
  • Freezing cylinder automatically refills from refrigerated storage hopper...no need to wait for product to refreeze after refilling
  • Mix Low light indicates when mix is low in storage hopper
  • Dependable mechanical consistency control...dispenses perfect product under all operating conditions
  • Oversize drive motor, rugged belt drive and heavy duty components keep freezers running when you need them most.
  • The enhanced valve system is spring loaded so the valve closes itself after dispensing. Its also illuminated to make it easy to see even in low lighting.
  • 8" (20 cm) clearance between the valve and drip tray allows room for almost any size drink.
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • Efficient refrigeration system
29 in
13 in
26.50 in
140 lb

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