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This product is recommended by Snowie for all vendors to use. It preserves your sugar water for up to 3 years and prevents bacteria from growing on bottles saving you time and money. Some people have expressed that they don't need this product and that they will be going through their flavors fast enough to not need a preservative. However if they don't wash/clean the bottles after each use or even wash them good enough bacteria can catch up and cause the flavor to ferment causing problems with unhappy customers and at worst unsanitized or bad flavors causing potential health risks. Adding this to your flavors prevents these risks and save you time (by not having to wash bottles every day) and money (by not having the risk of flavors fermenting and going bad and keeping flavors being preserved for up to 3 years).

The preservative is a Sodium benzoate and is a widely and commonly used as a food preservative. It also includes a Citric Acid which is a natural acid found in fruits such as lemons, limes, peaches and more, and is a natural preservative approved by the FDA.

We also offer a Gallon Refill Kit that will allow you to fill your single kit bottles 8 times




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