• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 1400
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You asked for it - an easy way to present a sugar-free alternative Sno-Kone and Shave Ice syrup. Now any of our Gold Medal concentrated flavors can be made into sugar-free, ready to use syrups and toppings for Sno-Cones and Shaved Ice. Simply use packets in place of sugar - no measuring necessary. For use with the Hawaii's Finest concentrates, use one packet with 4 oz. concentrate and water to make one gallon of ready to use syrup. To make with Ee-Zee Concentrate just mix one packet with one pouch Ee-Zee and add water. Use with your home machine or feature at least a few "Sugar-Free" flavors with your commercial machine and watch your profits grow! This product is made with Aspertane.

15 in
12 in
7 in
14 lb

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