The Cube 9 has nine, one gallon jugs and, therefore, serves nine flavors. At 24”x26”x17” and only weighing 22 lbs., it is small enough for one person to manage at an event, but large enough that it does not require a person to constantly refill the flavors at busier venues.

Each jug also has a large lid, making the refill process clean and easy. It is made from very strong materials that help give the product a long life, but it is also impact resistant, and has very cleanable surfaces.

One of the coolest features on the Cube 9 is that it has rollers built into the bottom. This way, it can be full of flavor and you can simply wheel it around on the floor of your pickup truck, your van, your trailer, your Snowie Building, Kiosk or Cart, or the Snowie Bus. 

18 in
13.50 in
10 in
8 lb